Heaven on Earth


 I always thought that ‘heaven on earth’ was a bit of an exaggeration, but after 3 days on a tropical island in the South Chinese Sea I sincerely doubt that.  

  With no wifi available, there’s nothing else to do than to take in the view, read, eat and drink. The island life is addictive and soon you’ll find yourself being completely fine with not being able to check Facebook (although being on an Instagram worthy island, it was a bit of a shame that I could not post to make my followers jealous). I forgot about time and absolutely wasn’t ready to go back yet. Where I was? Tioman Island in Malaysia. Sigh…. I should plan another trip.




25th in Auckland


I spent my 25th Birthday in New Zealand, by myself. I wasn’t avoiding turning 25, it was a work thing that came up which would allow me to explore the North Island for 3 days. I just couldn’t say no! Customs were quite confused about me being by myself in New Zealand on my birthday as well, but come on, adventure was calling! Auckland is a great city. Small compared to Sydney and magnificent. Located between volcanoes it looks out of this world, and you’re sort of expecting a dinosaur to pop up in the distance. If you love food or shopping, this is the place to be, as the kiwi’s seem to know both very well. I couldn’t resist and bought myself a baby blue dress in one of the boutiques.

More photos will follow. If you can’t wait to read about my adventures, check out ‘New Zealand for those who don’t have the time’ here.




Kuala Lumpur monkey

When I was seven years old, I got bitten by a monkey. Not because I grew up in some tropical country surrounded by monkeys – I actually grew up anywhere near that. The country I grew up in was flat and as standard as ‘standard’ could be and nevertheless, I got bitten by a monkey. This was because it was the 90’s and the Zoo its safety regulations were a little but more loose – just like the monkeys, who weren’t caged. This little guy was running over the railing on which my hand was resting and decided to bite his way through.

Even though the monkey bite hurted like hell, my love for monkeys stayed strong. They are so fascinating so when we were in Malaysia we had to see them in ‘the wild’. We travelled down to the ‘batu caves’ where we climbed up a couple of stairs. Halfway through we heard a high pitch scream which turned out to be from a little girl who got ran over by this monkey. We looked around and there were monkeys everywhere! Fighting, screaming, chasing each other, running over small children and throwing rice. It was truly amazing!

We studied the monkeys and enjoyed their company (without getting bitten yay!) Safe to say it was one of the best days out if our Malaysia trip!

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur monkey

Truly Asia

Last week was a week of joy! BF and I jumped on a plane to Kuala Lumpur to visit my bestie and her plus one. It was the second time in Asia for me. The first time was in Singapore, a very Western Asia, so I wasn’t sure what to expect this time.

As we landed on KL International Airport, the Malaysian Tourism board took over the plane, playing a promotion movie on the overhead tv’s with a catchy song called ‘Truly Asia, welcome to Malaysia’. Little did we know that this would actually become the theme song for our trip. I miscalculated the standard drinks in Asian margaritas (it’s free pour) which ended up being pretty embarrassing, got a visit from Delhi-belly and almost got killed by a cabbie who played too much GTA. All within 24h. Welcome to Malaysia!

The cabbies where the most interesting part I reckon. One pulled out a pepperspray, his intention was to show how he protects himself against criminals, but obviously we didn’t quite get that. Another got angry because he decided that we did not know anything about the country. Another one drove 20km/hr on the highway to show us that we could see the Royal Palace – if all the buildings surrounding us wouldn’t be there.

Nevertheless, the trip was great! Here are some of my fav Asian findings: Pineapple computers and stocking strong liquor under the ‘medicine’ sign in the super market. Truly Asia!


VIVID opera house

It’s 6:30am and I’m sitting in the airport waiting to board a flight to Malaysia. It’s been months since I’ve last seen one of my best mates and in a couple of hours we’ll finally get to hang out again – in Kuala Lumpur this time! BF is sitting next to me like a stressed little bird because he’s terrified of flying. I’m terrible with stressed little birds and love flying so I figured that I might as well type a blog before leaving the country!

Sydney was covered in lights due to Vivid, the annual light festival. Even though I was quite busy, I managed to walk home over the bridge one night. Initially I wasn’t that impressed but I changed my mind when a friend pointed out how much engineering goes into the show. I don’t have a tripod and when it’s dark it’s hard to stabilise the camera, especially with your hands. That’s why I ended up being the uber tourist, making my way through the crowd so that I could put my camera on the bridge. This is the result…

VIVID Sydney City

Second Spring


Today is the first day of winter in Sydney, but the weather has been kind so it doesn’t feel like it. I’m dragging my scarf around, expecting to be surprised by a sudden cold wind, but it hasn’t happen yet. The European trees are now really losing there leaves, but the Australian ones stay as green as ever. It’s easy to mistake winter for a frisky spring day. But I like to be mistaken, because spring is my favourite season and over here I get to experience it twice as much.